Digital asset management workflow that actually takes work off your plate

Whether you’re looking to optimize your existing digital asset management workflow or build one from scratch, Aldis Systems’ technical experts and digital librarians will create a solution that fits the way you work.

Whether you’re looking to optimize your existing system or build one from scratch, Aldis technical experts and digital librarians will create a solution that fits the way you work.

Media assets are like car keys.
Everybody knows what it’s like to lose them.

Understanding your workflow and DAM needs.

We start with a conversation about your current process. Together, we’ll assess what’s working, what’s hurting, and what’s on your wishlist. Our trained librarians then study your team’s unique information-seeking behavior to become experts on your terminology, workflows, and media use habits.

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Finding exactly what you need, when you need it.

Based on your search habits, we standardize how assets are talked about, cataloged, and organized in your DAM. We also determine who, internally, will oversee the integration of your new system. This establishes ownership over a common language and process that makes saving and finding assets painless.

Photo collage with pile of slides, 35mm film, a waveform on screen, cassette tapes, and a laptop with financial reports

Standardizing how your team refers to your media.

To establish a common, company-wide language.

Classifying how assets are categorized within your DAM.

To create a unified system of organization.

Creating a process for saving, tagging, and uploading media.

To ensure consistency in how assets are added and cataloged within the DAM.

Identifying who on your team is best suited to oversee your system.

To provide internal support and performance feedback.

Putting your DAM into service

The next step is to customize your DAM platform for your team’s unique language and methodologies. We first set up some key automation processes, and then we adapt search fields, filters, and tagging structures to ensure assets are consistently saved for intuitive searchability.

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Determining what search fields must be front and center.

To ensure every search produces relevant results.

Identifying what tags to include with any given asset or project.

To make assets easy to find again later.

Prioritizing filters for how your team intuitively narrows down results.

To help refine your search/view of content for a more efficient search.

Standardizing new processes.

The key to good DAM is to never take a “set it and forget it” approach. It needs to be a living library that evolves and grows as your company does. Once we’ve deployed your new DAM, we stay with you to provide the training and to make system changes and optimizations where necessary. You won’t know what works (or doesn’t) until you’ve had a chance to live with it!

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Providing hands-on, on-site training for your staff and partners.

To make sure everyone can leverage the DAM and follow new processes.

Assigning and analyzing system performance indicators that match your team’s goals and vision.

To measure the success of your system in terms that make sense for your company.

Checking in to ensure your team has the know-how and support to use the DAM.

To serve as your ongoing partner, continuously adjusting our service to best fit your needs.

Making necessary changes to your system based on your feedback. Revising processes and training for new iterations.

To ensure your DAM works for your team and that you’re maximizing your investment.

Becoming your partner

Our librarians can become an extension of your team, helping you maintain your DAM, train your people, and provide day-to-day media support. We stay with you to handle the logistics so that your creative team can focus on what they do best–tell great stories.

Image of man focusing on workstation with two computer screens. Three text labels read: Ingest, Tagging, Search

Processing and uploading new media to your DAM.

To assist your media workflow and make assets available quickly.

Inputting the necessary metadata for new media assets.

To save your team time and minimize internal oversight responsibility.

Helping you to find specific assets within your DAM.

To support your creative team with media you already possess.

“Aldis’ understanding of stakeholder needs, workflow
and library structure was key to our success.”
~ Stephen S. | healthcare

The Aldis Advantage

Text tiles around Aldis logo - Capture cultural importance; Preserve Historical relevance; Craft better stories; Increase initial investment value; Maximize media use efficiency;
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An implementation plan with flexible hosting options to fit your needs.

We know that hosting a DAM can be a massive undertaking. Between the capital equipment purchase, infrastructure costs, support needs—it’s often reason enough to put off investing in DAM. Aldis will help you determine the best hosting plan for your organization.


A perfect combination of software, hardware, and cloud.

Aldis is technology agnostic–meaning we work with whatever combination of hardware, software, or cloud solutions best fit your workflow. We’ll either match you with one of our recommended platforms or we’ll work with what you’re already using.

*Don’t see your platform? No worries, we can work with any DAM software.

Work with the system that's right for you

Software, hardware, cloud, hosted. Logos for Quantum, CatDV, Overland Tandberg and AWS.

Storage & preservation

A dedicated solution for those shelves of tapes and old film reels.

Aldis provides a secure archival plan where long-forgotten, physical assets can be digitized, accessed through the DAM, and archived appropriately.

Collection of analog media images; film cans, digital file frame, LTO tape, beta masters

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