Hosted DAM

Aldis can take the responsibility of hosting and maintaining your DAM system off your IT team’s shoulders. By hosting at our facility, your team can leverage the support of an onsite technical team, agile scaling, and robust security all while keeping costs to a minimum.

Subscription-based Hosted DAM

Hosted at Aldis, built on industry leading DAM technology

  • Hosted at Aldis facility
  • No capital equipment purchase
  • Get to market faster
  • Cost-effective DAM

Owned Hosted DAM

Hosted at Aldis, built with your own technology

  • Hosted at Aldis facility
  • You own all equipment & systems
  • Reduces IT’s workload
  • Minimizes infrastructure costs

Benefit of hosting at Aldis

Hosted at Aldis’ secure Facility

24/7 security, KeyPass access controlled

Hardware Consolidation

All infrastructure (storage, database, virtual servers, etc.) exists in single piece of hardware

Open Source Technology

Built on highly reputable open-source hypervisor, storage components, and virtual servers.

Improved Uptime

Greater uptime when making upgrades or modifications

Increased Speed

Faster searches, proxy creation, interconnectivity, etc.

Cloud Scaling

Scale cloud storage capacity easily without hardware installation

Automated Backup

Constant, automated file backup to offsite storage

Data Encryption

Encrypted in transit using Apache on local server

Immutable Status

Built-in cloud feature designed to protect assets from human error

Speed & Durability

Greater database speed & durability with MySQL 8

Onsite Technical Support

Aldis team is onsite to troubleshoot and maintain the system

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