The team behind Aldis

Our diverse work experiences give us a strength of character that you can rely on.

Barb believes that innovation is at the core of Aldis and she is always focused on fresh ideas. The bottom line is that she sincerely cares about our clients. She has high expectations and helps to create teams with great people to do exceptional work.

Barb Condit

President and Founder

Carl is exceptional at creating custom workflows that inform our design and fully exploit our integrated hardware solutions. Carl believes in the “Snowflake Workflow” metaphor that says there are no two workflows alike.

Carl Jacobs

SR Workflow Designer

Phil has a Masters Degree in Library and Information Science and works with our clients to develop customized Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems to fit their unique needs, making it easy for them to store, find, archive and repurpose their digital assets.

Phil Seibel

Digital Asset Manager

Heidi’s 20+ years of leadership in post-production, staff management and business affairs has provided her the experience and insight to manage our cohesive, focused team.

Heidi Schuster

Director of Business Development

Mark wrangles all the editing, transcoding and distribution of your digital media. Whether it’s headed to broadcast TV, network streaming, digital signage or theatrical DCP… he makes sure everything is pixel-perfect.

Mark Abney

Digital Delivery

Lisa navigates clips from movie studios, game producers, record labels. She knows how to craft an on-brand experience for your audience while meeting schedule demands, approval and legal procedures and accurate reporting back to advertisers.

Lisa Leonard

Retail Network Operations Lead

Ellen has a Masters Degree in Library and Information Science and uses her data management skills for the benefit of our clients by creating metadata for their digital assets, resulting in a customized vocabulary that is up to date and easy to use.

Ellen Henningsgaard

Assistant Digital Librarian

Ben has a Masters Degree in Library and Information Sciences and brings his interest in cataloging to develop, implement, and maintain customized metadata schemes for our clients with an emphasis on asset description for future findability.

Ben Zamora-Weiss

Digital Asset Librarian

Adam embodies innovation. From the plethora of Linux Distros to the latest python development tools, Adam is fueled by his deep knowledge of technical specifications and a creative knack for solving workflow needs.

Adam Betker

Technical Operations