One step at a time


Something that sets Aldis apart from other MAM vendors is our background in library sciences. We won’t just sell you a system and walk away, we’ll work with you to get any solution configured just the way you need it. Deciding how to organize and tag your ocean of content can be daunting, so we’ll guide conversation with all of the necessary stakeholders to identify what sort of tagging will need to happen.


We specialize in figuring out how you will be searching for and sharing out your content, and will help build pick lists, fields, and documentation around that, lending our training in information organization guide, but not dictate. Having trouble finding someone internal to your company who wants to do the bulk of the metadata tagging? Our librarians are capable of becoming a virtual extension of your company, learning the metadata vocabulary you help set and serving as ready references for helping to relocate your content. After all, this is literally what we trained to do!


Part of successful buy-in to a MAM solution is making sure the overall ingest workflow fits into your existing processes without too much disruption. We can help tailor the system and automated processed to nestle right into what you might already have in place, or offer suggestions for optimizations elsewhere.


We can also help navigate the set-up of permission structures and rights-managed content, from watermarking streaming web proxies, locking down who can download what, and provide clear metadata fields for any necessary tracking information.