What differentiates Aldis from other Media Asset Management (MAM) providers?

The secret to Aldis is our DAM/MAM team: Actual human beings who can support our clients on a daily basis and are experts with Masters degrees in Library and Information Science (MLIS). They take great care to structure the metadata architecture, workflows, and project management layers of your digital asset management system around a combination of industry standards and your company's own unique needs. Clients have chosen Aldis because our services ensure your solution becomes an integral part of your ongoing business and enhances the value of your investment.

The core value of any digital media asset management system (DAM/MAM) is its capacity to search, access and repurpose assets quickly and efficiently, independent of location and connection speed. We are platform agnostic and provide consultation and operational services that can be scaled to support any client's asset management needs, from ambitious start-ups to large retailers and manufacturers.

Whether you are migrating to a new system, building one from scratch, or reworking your existing process, Aldis Systems specializes in making sure your asset management project is a success. We build metadata profiles that will streamline approvals, automate tedious workflows, take the headaches out of governance, provide training and user documentation to make your assets available to the approved users at the touch of a button.

The process of defining your assets’ lifecycle and then accurately tracking it through a variety of systems and users can be complicated. Aldis Systems specializes in guiding teams through the process of implementing or creating workflows and systems that meet the specific goals of your organization. We strive to make the most of the media, metadata, and technology that you have. We'll help you leverage your legacy assets while easily incorporating new material to create a living library that creates efficiency for your media departments.

Whether you’re capturing and logging media for an edit, giving an executive the latest look at your final cut, managing a library of project files, or simply trying to keep your existing media library organized and easy to search, our team of asset management consultants will help refine or develop your processes. With Aldis Systems, we’ll stay engaged until the system works the way you need it to, ensuring maximum accessibility and an efficient use of resources.

Implementing and supporting a digital asset management system often requires additional staff and technical support. Many of our clients have chosen to outsource these services to Aldis Systems and use us as an extension of their internal team. We have the resources to manage library administration and provide a full range of ongoing asset management and consultation services including metadata tagging, system customization and automation, search and retrieval, developing policy and governance structures, and media/metadata migration from one system to another.

What’s the difference between DAM (Digital Asset Management) and MAM (Media Asset Management) and anyways?

Traditionally, DAMs have dealt more with still images and finished assets while MAMs have been built to better integrate with a post-production environment, also managing the source materials, related documents, and drafts. Over time, the lines between the two have blurred, but rest assured, Aldis can expertly help with any size of multimedia collection.

Phil Seibel, MLIS

Ben Zamora-Weiss, MLIS

Ellen Henningsgaard, MLIS