Digital Content Managers


A Digital Content Manager is someone who acts as a go-between "traffic-cop" and Quality Assurance Manager for our inbound and outbound media. This can include customer service as well as helping clients uphold the proper media standards for their content. As media is processed and finalized, the Digital Content Manager reviews any mastering requirements and is in charge of scheduling the final distribution of media. Once the content has launched, the Content Manager shares customized performance metrics with clients.

Why Media Operations?

Control over the flow of information from your internal systems out into the world is crucial. That world may include websites, social media pages, video displays, or print materials. At Aldis Systems we take content quality and security seriously. We are great at monitoring and maintaining the integrity of content as it moves from creation to distribution. For years, we have partnered with companies to ensure that quality standards are maintained as digital assets move across multiple platforms. These standards may include resolution, sound, metadata, accessibility, and even spelling.

On-Staff Editors and QC

Aldis Systems takes content integrity seriously. We partner with clients to ensure that superior quality standards are maintained from initial ingest to final delivery and archive. Our editors and QC staff leverage the latest professional equipment and software tools to ensure digital assets remain error-free as they move across multiple platforms. Years of broadcast TV and digital media experience help our editorial team dig deep into the fine details including pixel aspect, colorspace, codec, frame-rate, multi-channel audio, and closed captions.

Lisa Leonard, Content Manager

Mark Abney, Digital Delivery

Adam Betker, Technical Operations