Digital Librarians on a Mission

Aldis’ expert digital asset managers have spliced together deep knowledge of media assets, the ability to strategically organize information, and an inquisitive nature to bring you the best of DAM solutions and media partnerships.

Image of the 3 Aldis librarians
There's no way we could manage our assets
without the group at Aldis.
~ Joan K. | The Toro Company

Anyone who has a story to preserve

  • Commercial brands
  • Agencies
  • Media departments
  • Government entities
  • Creative departments
  • Educational organizations
  • IT departments
  • Documentary filmmakers
  • Video production teams
  • Corporate archivists
Pictures of film reels, slides, edit computer, and other imagery related to preserving assets.
Aldis is fantastic to work with and I enjoy working alongside
them to produce great results for our video team at Esri.
~ Rus Martin | Esri

Case studies

Making DAM Affordable for Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin

Digital Asset Preservation: A Will Steger Legacy

From post-production to MAM optimization

Aldis was born inside the walls of a post-production house where good media organization is critical. Through our real-world needs, we realized that the best digital asset management system relies on a deep understanding of unique workflows and processes but especially a librarian's expertise at managing information.


Since then, we’ve stacked our team with librarians, each holding a Master of Libary and Information Science (MLIS) degree. They are supported by post-production and technology experts.

Looking for visual effects & post?

Why the name Aldis?

We get asked about our name quite a bit. In 1944, Arthur Cyril Webb Aldis invented a small handheld version of the Morse code signal lamp with an improved shutter. They called it an Aldis Lamp. Embracing that spirit of innovation, we adopted the name to suggest a guiding light toward a single source of truth in media asset management.

Navy officers using an Aldis Lamp.
U.S. Navy officer training on signal lamp, from the National Archives.

Turn your media into a powerful digital library