We design and build custom integrated systems and workflows with affordable ongoing operations and support. We work with some of the biggest and most innovative brands and retailers, property managers and venues along with traditional broadcast networks and post production facilities.

The Aldis Process


Whether building a custom MAM, Network Operations Center, Master Control or a Media Wall, we evaluate your unique needs and provide pre-visualizations of your full user experience.


We are experienced project managers with digital librarians, engineers and senior wiremen. We manage every detail from user interface, system networking, rack prefabrication, custom consoles and final documentation.


We believe in Snowflake Workflows—no one is the same. Smart and efficient file-based workflows, asset management and accurate archives are crucial to today’s data centric world.

Our Services

We service clients nationally in both public and private sectors, providing custom media systems and workflows. As lines between industries blur, we continue to develop creative ways of integrating technology to solve traditional challenges and enable new opportunities.

Media Asset Management

The value of any media is the capability to search, access and re-purpose your assets independent of location and connection speed. We provide both the design and operational services to support large media collections. Read More

Broadcast Engineering

Aldis and our engineering team design and integrate live production control solutions for broadcast facilities and other live venues. We have helped many stations make the leap to HD with digital workflows and transmission.

Digital Signage

There are a number of Digital Signage companies out there with their packaged solution. Sometimes you need to think outside of that package, explore the big picture, create an experience and leverage the newest technology.

Media Trafficking

We manage playlists and content creation for tens of thousands of screens every week. We can organize and ingest your incoming files via the web and master them to look great on any digital signage platform.

Post Production

We have designed some of the most innovative post solutions for large facilities and small internal teams. We can support your post needs with scalable, reliable and integrated workflows. We exploit the latest technology to help you grow into UHD, 4K and beyond.

Media Asset Management

What is a MAM?

Broadcast & Post Engineering

The team behind Aldis

Our diverse work experiences give us a strength of character that you can rely on.

Barb believes that innovation is at the core of Aldis and she is always focused on fresh ideas. The bottom line is that she sincerely cares about our clients. She has high expectations and helps to create teams with great people to do exceptional work.

Barb Condit

President and Founder

Chuck is our Lead System Design Engineer and Integrator. He brings creative to the tech in how he works with clients to design clever, integrated solutions and workflows.

Chuck Walior

VP and Chief Engineer

Phil has a Masters Degree in Library and Information Science and works with our clients to develop customized Media Asset Management (MAM) systems to fit their unique needs, making it easy for them to store, find, archive and repurpose their digital assets.

Phil Seibel

Digital Asset Manager

Ben has a Masters Degree in Library and Information Sciences and brings his interest in cataloging to develop, implement, and maintain customized metadata schemes for our clients with an emphasis on asset description for future findability.

Ben Zamora-Weiss

Digital Asset Librarian

Carl is exceptional at creating custom workflows that inform our design and fully exploit our integrated hardware solutions. Carl believes in the “Snowflake Workflow” metaphor that says there are no two workflows alike.

Carl Jacobs

SR Workflow Designer

Adam embodies innovation. From the plethora of compression codecs to the latest web application development tools, Adam is fueled by his deep knowledge of technical specifications and a creative knack for solving workflow needs.

Adam Betker

Technical Support

Lisa navigates clips from movie studios, game producers, record labels. Lisa knows how to craft an on-brand experience for your audience while meeting schedule demands, approval and legal procedures and accurate reporting back to advertisers.

Lisa Leonard

Retail Network Operations Lead

Ellen has a Masters Degree in Library and Information Science and uses her data management skills for the benefit of our clients by creating metadata for their digital assets, resulting in a customized vocabulary that is up to date and easy to use.

Ellen Henningsgaard

Assistant Digital Librarian

Heidi’s 20+ years of leadership in post-production, staff management and business affairs has provided her the experience and insight to manage our cohesive, focused team.

Heidi Schuster

Director of Business Development

Buffy has a rescue dog named Sami, she sits by her side all day. Having a second set of eyes never hurts when you are striving to run a growing company. Buffy’s attention to detail and friendly demeanor make every exchange with our clients and vendors effortless.

Buffy Bryant


Mark wrangles all the editing, transcoding & distribution of your digital media. Whether it’s headed to broadcast TV, network streaming, digital signage or theatrical DCP… he makes sure everything is pixel-perfect.

Mark Abney

Digital Delivery

Are you ready to launch a career with Aldis?

Media Ingest and Encoding Specialist
This position is primarily responsible for providing technical support including editing, file ingest, transcoding, encoding and mastering of video files to/from a multitude of formats.  They will also engage with our team to develop and support workflows, troubleshoot issues, and provide customer service to clients.  In addition they will research, design, test, evaluate, document and implement media solutions.   We’re looking for someone who has technical creativity and is interested in advancing their career in a System Design and Engineering path with mentoring provided by our Sr. Systems Engineers.

Responsibilities include:

  • Editing, ingesting, transcoding, encoding and mastering of video files to/from a multitude of formats.
  • Performing quality control assessments of content created internally or provided by client.
  • Coordinating closed captioning of files.
  • Troubleshooting issues.
  • Helping to create, define, document and evolve effective workflows.
  • Engaging with clients and team members to address technical issues.
  • Supporting client SLAs.
  • Researching, testing and evaluating new technologies and systems.
  • Acting as technical director for live studio events.
  • Providing facility technical support and software/hardware upgrade administration.
  • Engaging in pre/post sales efforts and trade show demos.
  • Cross-training with other team members to provide redundancy.


  • 4 year degree
  • Minimum 3 years experience in media editing, systems and workflows
  • Knowledge of Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and Manzanita preferred.
  • Project management skills to support various workflows within our businesses and supported clients.
  • Strong communication skills and past experience in a customer facing role.
  • Self-directed, forward thinking, flexible and innovative with a strong desire to learn, grow and take on new challenges.
  • Experience learning complicated processes quick
  • Strong problems solving skills 
  • Must be willing to work nights, weekends and holidays to support client SLAs.
  • Must be able to travel.
  • Must be able to lift packages up to 30 lbs.

Post-Production Systems Administrator
A world-class post-production facility and systems integration company in Minneapolis is looking for a sharp, creative, and generally awesome Systems Administrator. Perks of this job include getting to work with bright, creative minds, a great atmosphere, and the joy of working around some seriously cutting edge visual effects, video, audio and networking equipment. There’s also all that normal stuff you’d expect, like health insurance, the right to wear jeans, cold press on tap, and a beautiful downtown Warehouse District location.

You’ll be a classic studio sysadmin, guaranteeing the maximum possible uptime for over 100 internal systems, as well as video systems for a growing list of international clients. We’re asking a lot from you. But it’s a great place to learn and grow. So grab your favorite beverage and settle in while we go through the job requirements:

  • Bring a flexible and innovative mindset to the job. Help us think of better, more efficient ways to do everything we do. And be able to learn how to manage some of the coolest tech in the industry.
  • Have patience with us and our customers as you guide us through a growing set of Information Security requirements handed down to us from customers. Manage the analysis, risk assessment, implementation, testing, auditing and ultimately document our security procedures.
  • Implement a ticketing system to help us track issues and document what you learn about the environment.
  • Support our Media Asset Management (MAM) systems and their web interfaces, connectivity, backup, archive, and restore functions for those systems.
  • Manage a few IT vendors who provide support for some of our systems. According to your skillset, you may take over some of their tasks, but given the amount of technology we have here, we don’t expect anyone to be able to do it all on day 1.
  • Have some Storage Area Network (SAN) experience, preferably with Xsan and/or StorNext as well as iSCSI (e.g. Small Tree).
  • Know your way around OS X Server and Windows 2012 Server.
  • Configure monitoring alerts in Nagios.
  • Manage our firewalls, routers, switches (from fibre to 10 gig to iSCSI), Wireless Access Points (WAPs), and other network appliances.
  • Manage Mac and Windows desktop computers, hopefully standardizing our configurations.
  • Work with Broadcast, Media & Entertainment customers to provide the networking necessary for us to integrate world class video systems that make their businesses more creative.

We also have file shares, Mac App Store accounts, Backup and Restore using multiple LTO libraries, FileMaker Pro databases, a mail server, web servers, SQL servers, a phone system, FTP servers and many, many more toys. Our post-production team thrives on innovation so you’ll be expected to present new ideas of how our IT infrastructure can not only stay up-to-date but be a competitive edge for us in the coming years.

Are you still with us?

As with the technology stack at most companies, you’re probably not going to know how to do all of this. And that’s OK. Because we like to provide guidance. We expect you to know a bunch of the stuff on our list. But we don’t expect that anyone can know it all. So you’ll have to know how to research, learn, troubleshoot and document all while being nice to people, especially when the pressure is on to fix it now. And we mean now. Be ready to innovate and create systems for better employee and client experiences. Be ready to help us be everything we can be. We’ll return the favor.

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