Aldis, digital asset management



So many options!

From RFP management to helping with platform selection, we can streamline the decision-making process, in three phases: Engage, Explore, and Evaluate.

Don’t see your platform? No worries, we can work with any DAM software and peripheral components.


Build your team.

Get your team together, identify key stakeholders from all areas that will be impacted by the DAM (your DAM champions, and intended users), and build a governance model for your future DAM.

Get the right people on board.


What are your use cases?

Learn how your users work, what they need, what their current pain points are, and what's on their wish list (e.g., are there integrations you want or need?). Identify your goals and how a DAM can improve workflows, eliminate roadblocks, and improve efficiency. Determine the resources you have and/or need for IT support, metadata tagging, administration and oversight, and hardware or cloud resources. Be sure to document and rank your priorities.

Talk to actual users of the DAM system.


Ask lots of questions.

Research, review, test, and communicate with your team. Identify the necessary functions and features. Speak with solution providers and demo the answers to your questions.
Have providers do deep-dive, customized demos to focus on the functionality that's important to your users, and help you determine which solution is best for you.

Find a platform that will fit your needs.