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What is Library and Information Science?

At Aldis Systems, we’re working with asset management solutions that help our clients manage large amounts of digital media and information. Proper management of these assets is vital to a company's success for numerous reasons.

An efficient DAM solution gives your team:

  • Effortless access to pertinent business and customer data.
  • Tools and guidelines for managing brand consistency.
  • A central way to store and manage necessary assets for daily productivity.
  • A media asset management system customized for ease of use.
  • Access to proper tools to enhance the production and distribution of information.
  • Less time looking for assets, and more time to focus on the customer experience.

Not your typical librarian.

It may be surprising to some people to find out that our team consists of many librarians with actual degrees in Library and Information Science.

You may have an idea of a typical librarian in your mind. A bespectacled, tweed-wearing, “bookish” person tasked with “shushing” patrons at the public school library. 

While most of our team members DO sport glasses, we aren’t focused on keeping the volume down so people can use our free internet. Our professional studies have prepared us to solve a wide range of complex technical problems for our clients that keep their businesses moving forward.

So what exactly does a digital librarian do?

There are many different specialized disciplines within the library field. The core goal of all is the same: find a way to help people get the information they need. Library and Information Science analyzes the way that people seek out information. Then organizes these ideas to build and adapt systems that connect them to new information

Each of our Asset Management team members has a Masters Degree in Library and Information Science in addition to his or her undergraduate degree. These team members spend, on average, about two additional years studying to get this degree.

Our librarians specialize in information management.

Whether it’s loaded bookshelves, terabytes of video, or table after table of data, it should be easily available. People who study and practice Library and Information Science organize and present these resources to make them as accessible as possible to users. 


As librarians, we look to identify the client teams’ information seeking behavior. We then tailor the DAM system to match the way the team thinks about their media and how they search for it.

At Aldis Systems, we do this by trying to find the optimal path and structure for whatever technological tools your team of people has at hand.   

Create a powerful media library