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Helping a big-box retail store manage their in-store video display network more efficiently

Transforming Retail In-Store Media Network Operations

More than a decade ago, major retailers began a transformation from in-store print signage to in-store digital video signage. Delivering digitized content on screens was more affordable, and it allowed retailers to update their marketing campaigns more often. An in-store digital network also provided an opportunity for brands to buy screen time on in-store displays to showcase products they were selling at the store.

The in-store media network broadcasts content to customers on screens scattered throughout the store – capturing customers' attention while they shop. All of this content needs to be organized, scheduled, and managed on a weekly basis by a dedicated team at the retailer and video network vendor. Each week the content is identified, generated, vetted, encoded, QC’d, playlisted, and transmitted.


Lisa Leonard - Aldis’s Retail Network Operations lead: “A long-term client came to us and said, ‘we need to manage our digital in-store network, can your team help us?’” Aldis, of course, said yes and have been their in-store network partner now for over a decade.

Getting Started

Getting an in-store video network set up and integrated with the store’s Retail Network Operations team is a process that can require several aspects:


  • Encoding
  • Content strategy
  • Playlisting
  • Database management
  • Project management
  • Day-parting 
  • Location-targeted / geo-parting
  • Metric-based reporting
  • Quality assurance
  • Digital signage creation
  • In-store channel publication
"We handle in-store programming
for over 1000 stores across the nation."

Hosting and managing a Media Network can present a huge set of challenges

We worked closely with our client to streamline workflows for their in-store Media Network digital content and brought special care to the video footage playing in its stores – showcasing the screen-based products themselves – and delivering paid content for Media Network customers.

Aldis quickly became the operational backbone they could depend on, without fail.

We are their Operational Partner

Aldis became a primary operational partner in their DAM solution. This role includes ingesting and archiving in a centralized repository all the content that would play on Network-controlled screens; establishing version control; “playlisting” that content on a regular schedule; monitoring the quality of that content; and ensuring its reliable, repeatable delivery. An execution team was developed, and Network Operations was born.

We manage their content

Aldis acts as a liaison between client teams, marketing teams, ad vendors, and technical staff to maintain schedules, day-parting, and location-integrated distribution.

The Process: A Week in the Life of a Content Plan

As our Retail Network Operations Lead, Lisa makes sure content is organized, scheduled, and timed for broadcast within the in-store video network.

A partnership for success

Not everything can be automated. Aldis digital asset management experts play a critical role in the process and communicate daily with key stakeholders. Bottom line: running a retail media network takes humans - and a lot of time and effort - to get the process right.  

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