A digital asset library, designed by librarians

Our librarians are experts in information taxonomy and organization. We use our unique process for organizing data, rooted in library science and paired with our deep experience in digital media. Let our librarians design a DAM that works for your daily productivity.

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Understand your search and retrieval habits.

We learn your company's search and retrieval habits, creative processes, workflows, and organizational sensibilities. We design a DAM that will save you time and get the most value from your assets. We assess and audit the following:

  • Data organization
  • Media production pipeline
  • Post-production workflow
  • Legacy media 
  • Media collections
  • DAM users
  • Existing technology 
Can you find exactly what you need, when you need it?

Using librarian science to organize your assets.

Taxonomy design is a critical step in creating a powerful DAM. Our librarians work with you to develop a consistent, controlled vocabulary across the entire enterprise that will help you find the right assets, when you need them.

Is your data organized for your search and retrieval habits?

DAM software and metadata structures are customized to fit the way you work.

Aldis librarians are experts of both DAM systems and information organization. We help with:

  • Asset data evaluation
  • Software evaluation
  • Taxonomy structures
  • Metadata structures
  • Workflow development
  • Training materials
  • Hardware implementation
  • Third-party integrations
Is your DAM designed for your needs?

Identifying ways to make the most of your DAM.

We review your DAM and work with you on an optimization plan. We'll partner with you to find a solution that fits your specific needs, workflow, and budget. Here are a few systems we've worked with recently.

Which platform is best for my business?

Maintaining your DAM for productivity.

We partner with you to create a plan for a successful DAM, and make sure your team stays creative and productive with a process to keep your DAM up-to-date and operational.

  • Governance & policy
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Automation
  • Best practices
  • Backup & archive
  • Disaster recovery
  • Rights management
  • Security plan
What is your plan for ongoing efficiency?

Let's talk about your DAM.

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