Preserve your legacy media

Every media collection is assumed to have historical importance, significant cultural relevance, and even monetary value. Aldis is in the business of helping our clients protect and extract maximum value out of their legacy media. 

Ready to digitize and leverage your legacy?

Salvage the years

Analog assets deteriorate over time and even digital assets need to be upgraded to the newest digital technologies. We work with you to ensure your media is preserved, cataloged, and available to view and use.

Media Deterioration


All media formats age and deteriorate until they can no longer be read. Film, if properly stored, can last a hundred years. Analog magnetic tapes like VHS cassettes may only last a couple of decades. Digital tapes, DVDs, hard drives and other data storage can last longer but the equipment to play them becomes obsolete, hard to find, or expensive and difficult to maintain.



With every passing day, it becomes more critical that legacy media be digitally transferred to a stable, long-term storage format like LTO (Linear Tape-Open) cartridges or a cloud-based solution. LTO archives have been a standard practice to maintain large volumes of media for long-term preservation—they can safely store data for up to thirty years and are easily migrated as new generations of LTO are developed. But that’s not the end of the story.


To truly preserve data for future generations the Library of Congress recommends digital media be migrated to newer formats every ten to twenty years.



A lot of older media needs expert help to look its best. Aldis manages all tape and digital formats with established partners for specialized restoration work. We have long-standing relationships with post and film restoration facilities whose clients include Pixar, Showtime, The Criterion Collection, and the UCLA Film Archive.

Organization & Distribution

Understanding your media collection.

The first step in creating a media preservation plan is to quantify the media collection. A small team will come onsite and examine the physical assets. We’ll take a complete inventory of the media formats while making an initial condition assessment. We’ll then create a working plan and budget for the initial digital ingest, cataloging and archiving of the library. A budget for ongoing preservation and secure access will also be created.

Preserving your assets in the highest-quality digital form.

Aldis’ media experts will transfer each piece of content to new media preserving every tiny last detail. The goal is to get as perfect a copy of the original as possible. In many cases, this is the last copy that may ever get made, so we apply broadcast network quality controls to make sure we get it right. There’ll be at least three copies created: a high-quality “perfect” copy for future use, a smaller lightweight viewable copy, and a long term storage version for deep archive.

A collection where everything is in the right place.

Organizing and proper categorization of large-scale media projects are essential if you want to easily manage and use your library of assets. Aldis’ professional archivists gather all the bits of information about the media and enter them into a customized database. This allows you to search and retrieve your collection as easily as using Google.

Assets ready to be used and no longer collecting dust.

Legacy assets require storage that takes up space and if that space is off-site can be expensive. They are also not usable because their media formats are hard to access because players are not common or available so you can't easily see or use what you have.
Digitizing legacy assets frees organizations up from the space use/costs of storing the physical assets while making them easily usable and accessible.

A safety deposit box for your legacy assets.

No matter what level of access you want to your media, security, and privacy are always our top concerns. Constructing tight network security and carefully creating user permissions are just the first necessary steps. We make sure that only the people you authorize have access to your valuable media.

Why Experience Matters

  • Integrated installation of required equipment
  • Aldis MAM Archivists are trained in library sciences
  • Library of Congress standards of archiving and organization
  • Ongoing MAM preservation services
  • Lossless ingest of multiple formats
  • Restoration expertise

Ready to digitize and leverage your legacy?