Aldis, digital asset management


Maximizing your DAM investment

Aldis is the premier agency for media and entertainment (M&E) and enterprise Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions. From stand-alone projects to ongoing managed-services, we make finding, saving, and sharing media an intuitive part of your workflow. Whether implementing, optimizing, hosting, or tagging, our platform-agnostic MLIS librarians, techs, and post-production veterans can help navigate and customize the latest technology to fit your needs.

Understanding your DAM needs

We start with a conversation about your current process. Together, we’ll assess what’s working, what’s hurting, what’s on your wish list, and how Aldis can help.

Study & Audit

If you decide to engage us beyond that initial conversation, our trained librarians will then study your team’s unique information-seeking behavior to become experts on your terminology, workflows, and media use habits. That will inform a DAM system audit, which will result in an objective snapshot of your current situation.

50% of CEOs say digital improvements
have led to increased revenue.
~ Gartner Top Trends In Marketing Technology 2021

DAM designed by librarians

The next step in the process involves the layout and configuration of the system – optimizing the user experience and its infrastructural backbone (e.g., DAM software and hardware, and a hosting strategy) – and a governance plan that ensures your “people system” is well-designed, too.

Find exactly what you need, when you need it

Based on your search habits, we standardize how assets are talked about, cataloged, and organized in your DAM. We also determine who, internally, will oversee the integration of your new system.

Aldis' understanding of stakeholder needs, workflow
and library structure was key to our success.
~ Stephen S. | Healthcare

Putting DAM into service

The next step in our service approach is to customize your DAM platform for your team’s unique language and work rhythms. We begin by implementing some key automation processes – industry best practices – and then we adapt search fields, filters, and tagging structures to ensure assets are consistently saved for intuitive searchability.


A customized and optimized DAM needs the appropriate hosting plan for your workflow. Aldis will help you determine if cloud hosting, Aldis managed-hosting, or a self-hosted in-house system is right for you.

Hosting a DAM is complicated and Aldis handles
every aspect so we can focus on our actual jobs.
~ Kristin J. | Big Box Retail

Standardizing new processes

The key to a good DAM is to NOT “set it and forget it.” It needs to be a living library that evolves and grows as your company does. Once we’ve deployed your new DAM, we can stay with you to provide the training and to make system changes and optimizations where necessary. You won’t know what works (or doesn’t) until you’ve had a chance to live with it!

Fractional librarian support

A DAM is like a traditional library—the entire catalog of assets must be maintained to be current and accessible. Our librarians and seasoned post-production veterans can become an extension of your team, helping you maintain your DAM, train your people, and provide day-to-day media support. We stay with you to handle the logistics so that your creative team can focus on what they do best–tell great stories.

Aldis is the glue between our departments
and just keeps making our DAM better everyday.
~ John M. | Retail

If you’re like most companies, you have media assets - photographs, film, tape on multiple formats - that could be reused in your media production today, if only you could access it. And some of it might be of priceless historical value. Aldis can help. Whatever the format, we can digitize it for you – and then archive it in your DAM so you can find it when you need it. Don’t let your valuable assets go unused… or become lost to history.

If a picture is worth a thousand words,
what's 50 years of visual history worth?