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Frustrations and Fixes

How Can My DAM Help With Brand Management?

Brand Management is a lot more than just keeping track of ‘brand assets’… and you can’t manage your brand if you don’t have guidelines and a plan to track those assets. Your DAM solution can help.

BTW, what are Brand Assets?

Some people think ‘brand assets’ = ‘your logo.’ But as you undoubtedly know, it’s a lot more than that: logos, style guides that provide direction for the use of your logo in various media, graphics, photography, font style guides, approved taglines, key animations that put your logos and taglines into motion, maybe even theme music or sound effects. We could go on, but you get the point — the assets that allow your communications and marketing teams to manage your brand are numerous, diverse — and easy to lose track of.

The Fix

Make your DAM a one-stop shop

Communicate to your organization that the DAM is the single source of truth for your brand, the one centralized repository in which all new versions of your brand assets live. Make sure your team does not save new or iterative versions of any brand asset to local computers.

Develop and reinforce the organizational habit of pulling even ‘everyday’ assets from the DAM system, to ensure the most updated version is being used. Team members may rationalize saving copies of assets that they use on a regular basis on local computers, but even this behavior creates a slippery slope. Minor updates can be missed and pretty soon you have a ‘version control’ mess on your hands. 

Archive past or obsolete versions in the DAM solution, too, for reference — again, to avoid any slippery-slope behavior. But make sure to clearly label the folder they’re kept in as ‘not-for-use.’

Good metadata for DAM

If your people are frustrated when they search for something, they’ll quickly revert to the bad behavior we’re trying to eliminate. Make sure it’s super-obvious which ones are the current versions, and provide a contact if someone has any questions. Helpful and intuitive types of metadata fields can get everyone on the same page instantly.

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DAMs are not just for media assets

Some people use DAMs to store media assets, but fail to include things like style guides, fonts, and templates. Embrace the one-stop shop for all your digitized content!  

Create a powerful media library