What's the difference?

What is the difference between DAM and MAM?

The terms DAM (digital asset management) and MAM (media asset management) are often used interchangeably. DAMs are general collections of digital assets. A MAM is usually understood to be a type of DAM optimized to work with media files, especially video. That said, in recent years the technologies have evolved to the point of the distinctions being virtually non-existent. We tend to use DAM as it's a broader term, but if you have a MAM, everything we have to say still applies.

Why do I need a DAM?

DAM allows you to organize your assets, reuse them, preserve their historical and cultural relevance, as well as streamline your content production workflow. DAM systems exist to help companies maximize their investment in media and content creation.

How can you optimize my DAM?

We work to understand how you seek and retrieve information and then we customize your DAM software platform to better fit the way you work. We’ve seen far too many companies invest in a solution that falls short of their needs, often due to a lack of initial setup and training. DAM optimization ensures companies get the most out of their asset management investment.